Rapid Intervention Team


Under the direction and guidance of Training Captain Aaron Heller some time ago Station 19 took on the task of an aggressive training technique known as RIT. RIT stands for Rapid Intervention Team. RIT is also known by the term FAST, which stands for Firefighter Assistance Search Team. A rapid intervention team is a qualified team of firefighters whose main responsibility is to standby on the exterior of the building in the unfortunate event that a firefighter goes down. More fire fighters die in residential occupancies than in any other type of structure fire and are typically the most common type of occupancy that fire fighters encounter. Both the NFPA and OSHA have requirements for some type of RIT at structure fires. There are several techniques that personnel at Station 19 have mastered to assist in firefighter rescue and personal survival. Please feel free to utilize the links below to view these techniques and photos.

RIT Equipment
Wall Breaching
Ladder Bail
Denver Drill
Nance Drill

Influence Of Tragedy

There Is No Greater Influence Of Change In The Fire Service
Than A Line Of Duty Death Of A Firefighter.

Yet, There Is No Greater Tragedy Than That Of A Fallen Firefighter Whose Death
Prompted the Passage Of A Safety Policy Which May Have Prevented His Death.

Deputy Chief Ted Jarboe



Station 19