Thermal Imaging Camera


Our infrared cameras are hanheld units that combine unrivaled technology and functions to make it easier for the us to identify the source and spread of a fire, prevent further fire hazards using the capability to examine containers storing hazardous or flammable materials and even detect hidden fires in cavity walls, floors and ceiling voids.

Some applications for a Thermal Imaging Camera Include
  • See in zero visibility
  • Significantly improve safety and mobility
  • Monitor temperatures for preventative maintenance and condition monitoring of equipment
  • Fire Prevention surveys
  • Monitoring the effectiveness of cooling
  • Searching for a person in deep water
  • Examining containers storing hazardous or flammable materials
  • Predict potential of flashover
  • Locating the seat and spread of a fire
  • Searching for victims
  • Analyzing the effectiveness of attack
  • Overhaul
  • See through dense smoke and in darkness
  • Detect and display the relevant temperatures of objects within the scene
  • Moving swiftly in search and rescue of casualties

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